Cylindrical Roller Bearing

We focus on providing high-quality cylindrical roller bearings that customers are interested in. As a leading supplier in the industry, our products not only possess excellent performance and reliability, but also meet the diverse needs of customers.

Our cylindrical roller bearings adopt the most advanced design and manufacturing technology to ensure their excellent performance. We choose high-quality materials and adopt precision machining processes to improve the durability and work efficiency of bearings. Our products ensure excellent operational stability in both high-speed applications and heavy load conditions.

Whether you need heavy-duty mechanical equipment or high-speed rotating applications, our cylindrical roller bearings can provide you with satisfactory solutions. You can choose our products with confidence, as we are committed to providing customers with high-quality and long-life bearings to meet various industrial needs

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Types of Tapered Roller Bearing


Characteristic: 1. High load-bearing capacity

2. Good rigidity

3. High precision

4. Low noise

Application: suitable for harsh working conditions such as high speed, heavy load, vibration, and impact loads. steel rolling mill bearing, roller mill bearing, continuous casting machine bearing, excavators bearing, loaders bearing, vibrating screens bearing,bulldozers bearing,extruder bearing, injection molding machine bearing,CNC machine bearing ,loom bearing, fiber equipment bearing etc.


1. Simple structure, easy installation, and easy maintenance.

2. Capable of withstanding radial loads and limited axial loads.

3. Suitable for moderate speed rotation.

4. At high speeds, contact fatigue of the ball raceway is prone to occur.

Application:suitable for various mechanical equipment, such as light and heavy machinery, automobiles, motors, precision instruments, mining machinery, metallurgical machinery etc.

Characteristic: 1. Can withstand large radial and axial loads;

2. It has high stiffness and accuracy during high-speed operation;

3. Stable operation and low noise;

4. The space utilization rate of bearings is high.

Application: 1. Machine tool spindle bearings;

2. Industrial pendulum bearings;

3. Heavy machinery transmission bearings;

4. Heavy equipment bearings in industries such as steel and cement.



Vibration reducer bearing 

Vibration roller bearing

Vertical cement grinding machine bearing


Endless rope speed regulating mechanical winch bearing

CNC machine bearing 

Large gearbox reducer bearing



Problem: Burning of Vibration Bearings in Vibration Rollers, extremely harsh working conditions.

Fault Cause Analysis:

After inspection, it is believed that the burning of the bearing is caused by a malignant change in the lubrication state between the journal and the bearing, which transforms from boundary lubrication to partial dry friction state.

The original structure has defects: during lubrication, the bearing relies on the amplitude modulation device to stir the oil, and the lubricating oil splashes along the tangential line of the amplitude modulation device to the sleeve, then reflects to form a splashed oil mist, which penetrates into the bearing body. This type of splash lubrication is not sufficient. Furthermore, the lubricating oil in the clearance between the shaft and bearing cannot move the friction heat generated by the bearing operation due to the lack of oil channels, resulting in an increase in the working temperature of the bearing, a decrease in the viscosity of the lubricating oil, and a decrease in the thickness of the oil film


Install oil filling channels or add oil pipes on the bearing seat to improve the lubrication and heat dissipation capacity of the bearing.

Effect verification:

The faulty machinery has been improved according to the above measures, and various indicators of the engine oil have been regularly monitored. After more than a year of construction, no faults have occurred in the vibrating wheel.

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