With our state-of-the-art production equipment, we have the capability to produce a range of bearings in sizes from 80mm to 2000mm in diameter. Our advanced manufacturing process ensures that every aspect of production, from raw material to finished product, is meticulously controlled and monitored.

Our all-inclusive production capabilities allow us to offer bearings at a lower cost without sacrificing quality. Each step of the manufacturing process is carried out with the utmost precision and efficiency, resulting in a superior product that meets our customers' needs.

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Forging machine
Spheroidizing annealing of forgings
CNC inclined lathe

Forging machine

800 ton press and 400 ton press, vertical grinding ring and ensuring the density and quality of forgings.

Spheroidizing annealing of forgings

The performance of the equipment is stable, and a uniform spheroidized structure can be obtained, which is not ready for subsequent turning and quenching

CNC inclined lathe

Dual station, high-precision, inclined bed, one feeding, efficient, with a deviation of less than 0.03mm.


CNC vertical lathe

The machine tool has strong rigidity, high machining accuracy, and stable quality.

Roller quenching

Protective atmosphere quenching, international first-class brand with the same model.

Three heat treatment production lines

Salt bath bainite, martensite

Advanced domestic production lines

Ensure qualified metallographic structure and hardness

Fine grinding of roller end face

Fine grinding CNC machining

Adopting CNC grinding, the product has high precision and stable quality.

Cage centrifugal casting, precision turning, and CNC boring

All adopt electrolytic copper copper plates and zinc ingots to ensure raw material strength and processing accuracy.

Fine grinding of roller end face

End face height difference within 2 microns.


Fine grinding of roller reference surface

High machining accuracy and stable quality.

Fully automatic feeding

 Roller precision grinding, all CNC processing, fully automatic online detection.

Roller outer diameter super precision

 The outer diameter roughness of the roller is less than 1 micrometer.