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Ball mill bearings play the role of supporting dynamic and static loads in ball mills and are key components of ball mills. Our company mainly produces various ball mill bearings. We provide OEM and ODM customized services.

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The special bearing for ball mill has two structures of feed end and discharge end. The outer ring of the special bearing for the mill conforms to the structural dimensions of the original bearing shell. The outer diameter of the outer ring is a spherical structure, which has a centering effect.
The inlet bearing is composed of inner ring without ribs, double raceway outer ring, rolling element and cage assembly, (moving end) to solve the problem of thermal expansion and contraction caused by the mill during production.
The discharge port bearing is composed of a single retaining edge of the inner ring and a flat retaining ring, an outer ring of double raceways, a rolling body and a cage assembly, and the (fixed end) plays the role of positioning the ball mill.
The outer ring of the bearing has 3 central holes (locating holes), and each hole has a 3-G2/1 oil injection hole.
The mill bearing has undergone two high temperature tempering treatments, and the bearing will not deform in the range of -40 degrees to 150 degrees.
Compared with bearing bush grinding, special bearing grinding for outer spherical surface has six advantages
1. The rolling friction of the mill bearing has changed from the past sliding friction to the current rolling friction. The running resistance is small, and the starting resistance is obviously reduced, which can save electric energy.
2. The running resistance is small and the frictional heat is reduced. The bearing processing adopts special steel material and unique heat treatment process, which cancels the original cooling device and saves a lot of cooling water.
3. Change the original thin oil lubrication to a small amount of grease and lubricating oil, which can save a lot of thin oil. For large mills, the lubricating device of the hollow shaft is eliminated to avoid the problem of burning tiles.
4. Improve operating efficiency, save maintenance costs and reduce maintenance time, two sets of bearings can be used for 5-10 years.
5. The starting resistance is small, which greatly prolongs the service life of the motor, reducer and other equipment.
6. The bearing has the functions of positioning, centering, and axial expansion, which fully meets the production and working conditions of the mill.
The transformation of ball mill bearing: divided into two types, one is split bearing, the inner ring of the bearing is divided into two parts. The other is to install an expansion coupling sleeve between the inner ring of the bearing and the hollow shaft to fix the bearing and prevent the bearing from moving. In this way, the hollow shaft of the mill does not need to be machined and the bearing mill can be successfully retrofitted with less downtime. Bearing life is the same as the original bearing mill. Reduce and reduce replacement and use costs for customers.

External spherical ball mill special bearings parameter table

Mill Model Mill bearing type Inner diameter mm Outer diameter mm Width mm Weight KG Material
1.5MDischarge port NNUP560Y3 560 830 180 360 GCr15Simn
1.5M Inlet NNU560Y3 560 830 200 350 GCr15Simn
1.83Discharge port NNUP695Y3 695 1000 230 610 GCr15Simn
1.83 Inlet NNU695Y3 695 1000 255 600 GCr15Simn
2.2M Discharge port NNUP895Y3 895 1200 240 780 GCr15Simn
2.2M Inlet NNU895Y3 895 1200 265 760 GCr15Simn
2.4*7M Discharge port NNUP1000EY3 1000 1300 280 970 GCr15Simn
2.4*7M Inlet NNU1000EY3 1000 1300 300 920 GCr15Simn
2.4*8MDischarge port NNUP1000Y3 1000 1350 280 1020 GCr15Simn
2.4*8M Inlet NNU1000Y3 1000 1350 300 1000 GCr15Simn
2.4*13M Discharge port NNUP1000AY3 1000 1400 280 1330 GCr15Simn
2.4*13M Inlet NNU1000BY3 1000 1400 280 1360 GCr15Simn
2.6M Discharge port NNUP1200Y3 1200 1600 280 1600 GCr15Simn
2.6M Inlet NNU1200Y3 1200 1600 330 1550 GCr15Simn
3.2M Discharge port NNUP1300Y3 1300 1800 280 2200 GCr15Simn
3.2M Inlet NNU1300Y3 1300 1800 310 2130 GCr15Simn
3.2MDischarge port NNUP1400Y3 1400 1800 280 1900 GCr15Simn
3.2M Inlet NNU1400Y3 1400 1800 310 1850 GCr15Simn
3.2MDischarge port NNUP1300BY3 1300 1800 340 2500 GCr15Simn
3.2M Inlet NNU1300BY3 1300 1800 380 2450 GCr15Simn

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