Ultra High Temperature Bearings

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High temperature deep groove ball bearings, high temperature self-aligning ball bearings, high temperature cylindrical roller bearings, high temperature spherical roller bearings, high temperature angular contact bearings, high temperature tapered roller bearings, high temperature thrust ball bearings, high temperature thrust roller bearings, high temperature external Spherical ball bearings, high temperature spherical plain bearings and other high temperature bearings.

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1. According to the material, it is divided into two categories: full high temperature bearing steel, high temperature bearing steel (ring) and ceramic (ball) quality. There are seven kinds of high temperature bearing steel according to the degree of high temperature resistance: 2# resistant to 200°C, 3# resistant to 300°C, 4# resistant to 400°C, 5# resistant to 500°C, 6# resistant to 600°C, resistant to 700°C 7# at ℃, 8# at 800℃.

2. There are seven grades of high temperature rolling bearings according to the high temperature resistance limit of high temperature bearing steel: 200°C E grade, 300°C S grade, 400°C X grade, 500°C F grade, 600°C C grade, 700°C Q grade, 800°C Grade B, the temperature grade corresponds to the high temperature bearing steel grade that is resistant to its temperature. When the bearing reaches this temperature, the metallographic structure and hardness still meet its requirements.

The main structure:

1. Standard rolling bearing deep groove ball bearings, self-aligning ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, spherical roller bearings, angular contact bearings, tapered roller bearings, thrust ball bearings, thrust roller bearings, outer spherical ball bearings, The diameter series and variants of high temperature spherical plain bearings, the dimensions and tolerances of finished products and their parts, shape and position accuracy, rotation accuracy and other qualities are consistent with national standard bearings.
2. Low speed <100 rpm: There are two types without cage full of rolling elements, namely the ball-mounted notch type and the non-ball-mounted notch type. The rolling elements are full of raceways, and the load is 1.4 times. Due to small friction, the wear is small. Lubricants are not added; the lubricating block between the balls is self-lubricating.
3. High and medium speed > 100 rpm: choose a cage structure;
4. Lubrication: Add 300°C S# high temperature grease with code Y for S grade, and add 400°C X# high temperature grease with code Z for X grade, which can reduce friction. In addition to installing double-sided dust caps, C and B grades are User can add high temperature lubricant;


Suitable for aerospace, armament weapons, vehicles, painting, baking, heat engine, ceramic carbon, sponge iron, plastic, cement, machine brick, glass, refractory materials, lamps, drying, vacuum, metallurgy, chemical industry and metal heat treatment and other high temperature Mechanical equipment that operates or generates high heat spontaneously.
The company is committed to the research and development and manufacture of special high-end high-temperature bearings, conforms to the needs of the high-end market, actively integrates with the international market, and pays attention to scientific and technological investment. In recent years, a series of precision, high-speed high-temperature bearings have been developed. A number of patents have passed ISO9001.
We will continue to create more sophisticated products with more cutting-edge technology. Win the trust of more users with good corporate reputation.

Size range:

At present, the company's main products: high temperature and low speed bearings, high temperature and high speed bearings, low temperature bearings, corrosion-resistant bearings, anti-magnetic bearings, vacuum bearings, self-lubricating bearings, stainless steel bearings, ceramic bearings, etc.
Product temperature range:
High temperature bearing: 120℃-800℃
Low temperature bearing: -60℃--190℃
Reaching the advanced level, the service life is long, the service life is several times that of the same manufacturer of high-temperature bearings in my country, and the best choice for saving maintenance costs.


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